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CROSSFIX® is the first stainless steel substructure system that can be used for horizontal and vertical support profiles. CROSSFIX® increases your flexibility, facilitates assembly and saves precious time while reducing your storage costs.

The CROSSFIX® system is made of 100 % stainless steel and thus significantly reduces the thermal bridge surcharge in the system. With the CROSSFIX® modular system, EJOT delivers everything from a single supplier (single source). In proven quality.

Maximum carrying capacity

CROSSFIX® has been optimized by FEM methods with regard to static load capacity. In combination with the high strength of stainless steel, this results in the maximum possible load capacity.

Maximum carrying capacity

Maximum flexibility

CROSSFIX® is a universal console for both vertical and horizontal mounting.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum energy efficiency

With the CROSSFIX® substructure system, compared to aluminium supports, only a minimal thermal bridge forms. This means that significantly improved U-values (thermal transmittance) can be achieved with the same insulation thickness.

Maximum energy efficiency

Increased usable area

Due to this energy efficiency, CROSSFIX® enables a lower insulation thickness in the substructure and thus an increase in the resulting usable area.

Increased usable area

CROSSFIX® is a complete system

Everything from a single source

EJOT supplies a complete substructure system for all applications including all system components, i.e. the anchoring, connecting and fastening elements. In addition to innovative products, customers will receive sound technical advice as well as necessary installation information for their projects.

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façade substructure system

Facilitates assembly.
Saves installation time.
Reduced storage costs due to high cost efficiency.

Vertikale Montage

Vertical installation

Horizontale Montage

Horizontal installation


CROSSFIX® is the console for vertical and horizontal installation and offers maximum flexibility for all applications, whether for fixed-point or sliding-point installation.

Certified and approved.
With safety.

Zertifikat Passivhaus Institut
Zertifikat EPD PDF
Zertifikat Versuchsanstalt
Zertifikat RWTH Aachen


For standard-compliant fastening options

Thanks to its high flexibility, CROSSFIX® is quick and easy to use and, at the same time, provides standard-compliant fastening options on all common surfaces (e.g. concrete, solid and perforated brick, wood and steel substructures).


Legero Headquarter and Outlet


CROSSFIX® substructure system


School campus and mensa

Bremervoerde, Germany

CROSSFIX® substructure system


Aosta Valley University


CROSSFIX® substructure system


Golden Corner condominiums


CROSSFIX® substructure system


The CROSSFIX® project check list

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